“We don’t want a Genocide to happen again” say the youth


“this is unbelievable. How can a grown up man, educated, raised by parents and living with others, kill a 2 years old baby?. Not everything we are told to do has to be so, was it stupidity that people changed so fast and killed their friends and families? or were there other benefits?. those who deny the Genocide against Tutsis in 1994 and those with Genocide ideology should open theirs eyes and refresh their mind because we do not want the Genocide to happen again. ” said youth from Esperance and from Root Foundation after visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial Site on Friday 15th April. Both Esperance and Root Foundation run youth centers for social inclusion and sustainable development. On Saturday 16th April, Esperance welcomed youth from Root Foundation at Kimisagara Football for Hope Center where the exchanged was on the role of youth in fighting against Genocide ideology. Thanks to the Office of Jumelage Rhenanie Palatina in Kigali for their support to the event through German vuolunteers (Jonas and Nils) great work.

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