Visit of Hon.Norbert Neuser from Kick for Help/Germany

VISIT OF HONORABLE NORBERT NEUSER AND JUMELAGE RHENANIE PALATINATE/RWANDA, Tuesday 2nd November 2021, at Kimisagara Football for Hope Center: Association des Jeunes Sportifs de Kigali ESPERANCE, the women football team of ESPERANCE, the committee members of ESPERANCE and everyone present at the visit of Honorable Norbert Neuser and Jumelage Rhenanie Palatinate/Rwanda, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for your remarkable visit, your generous donations to our team and your big support to helping Rwandan youth reach their goals. We really appreciate it.

For everything you have done for us till now, everything you still do and will continue to do, we at ESPERANCE just want you to know how thankful we are, and we look forward to a prosperous future together. Much gratitude to you for being OUR sponsor, everyone had a great time yesterday. We thank as well everyone responsible for this great partnership, Niko Neuser and Philipp Neuser and Mainz 05.

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