The Kigali Football for Good Festival

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On February 06, 2016 the first ever Football for Good Festival will celebrate the importance and the power of football. The 1-day event, at its core we will host a first-time-ever gathering of the African football community, local and international, pro players and grassroot talents, male and female, governors and fans, around a symbolic 5-a-side football match in the neighborhood of Kimisagara, Kigali. The central idea is to manifest the power of collective action (team play) to overcome major challenges of our times, here conflict and forced migration.

Given the current situation in football governance and massive forced migration across the globe, it is the right time and the right thing to do.

The Kigali Football for Good event is part of a larger programme initiated by sStreetfootballworld and is supported by Confederation of African Football (CAF) and will consist of a series of activities that represent the work of community based organizations using football as a tool for social transformation.

The program develops innovative solutions to how football can be used as a platform for positive social change through a series of engagements. These activations will seek to highlight:
•How football has the potential to perform team play across the industry and deliver concrete and measurable impact.
•How football can be used as a positive tool to promote social inclusion and integration with a thematic focus on reintegration of refugees into society.
•How football can be used as a hook to provide positive and engaging experiences for fans with a focus on social justice.

The event will take place at “KIMISAGAR FOOTBALL FOR HOPE CENTRE” in the compound of Groupe scolaire de Kimisagara between Restauration Church and Kimisagara One stop youth employment and productive center.

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