“The future of Rwanda depends on us, the young people!”, Jerome NYANDWI


1. Name: NYANDWI, Jerome
2. Date of birth: 01/01/1997
3. Which schools did you attend? Gitega school, Nyarugenge school; Cyahafi school
4. What do you like most? I like to listen to music. Especially, I like R&B, the „Urban boyz“ and Chris Brown.
5. What don´t you like? I don`t like drugs in General, because when someone is consuming drugs, the person does no longer care about his life and the person always gets himself in trouble and when he becomes addicted, the person can die.
6. Who is your football idol?
My favourite player is Eden Hazard, because I like to see the way, he is dribbling.
7. Who is your idol in General?
My idol is his excellence Paul Kagame, our president, because of his engagement and commitment to govern our country and to help other countries for better government. He helps people to fight poverty, create jobs and he is always focused on the development of our country.
8. What is the most incredible thing, that always stays in your mind until now?
The first goal, I scored for Esperance during last years 2nd League of championship, because it was the first game of Esperance and my first time to play in championship, so it was a wonderful start.
9. Since when do you attend Esperance´s programs?
I am here since 2009.
10. How did you get to know Esperance?
I saw Esperance FC playing and I wanted to be part of that team, because everyone was supporting one another.
11. What did you learn from Esperance up to now?
Living together with others, respecting other people, improving my football skills, preventing me from taking drugs and taking part in any other type of trouble, which I learned through workshops.
12. Which support are you gaining right now?
Improving my football skills, to be able to play for the 1st league in the future and also to guide me, how to reach a better future.
Where would you like to be supported even more?
13. I would like Esperance´s staff members to always be there for us and to support us with materials and if possible to give us some motivation, because our parents think, that we get some money for playing for Esperance.
14. What do other kids from Esperance benefit from?
They all changed their behaviour in a positive way and the all discovered and improved their talents.
15. How did you change yourself?
I used to insult and fight with other kids, but through the methods of Esperance, I was able to stop doing that.
16. What other examples on behaviour-change from other players did you recognize?
Some kids used to drink beer, to use drugs, but since they are in Esperance, they no longer do such bad things.
17. What is your message to kids, who come to Esperance?
They should think about themselves and take care of their bodies and behaviours, they should reflect on their needs and they should understand, that they are supposed to be the first ones looking for solutions.
18. What is your message to Youth in General in Rwanda?
The future of Rwanda depends on us, the young people.
19. What would you like to say to Esperance´s staff?
They should provide us with what the players need, always be available for us, because we just express our problems indirectly, so they have to come closer to us to see our problems and find solutions, bfore it is too late.
20. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I will be 28 years old and I wish, that my mom is still alive. Concerning football, I would like to play in the 1st league either in Rwanda or abroad.

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