Street book Carnival season 4

book carnaval4

book carnaval4In preparation for the ‘International Literacy Day’ Esperance hosted a creative pre-festival on the 17th of June at the Kimisagara Football for Hope Center. Together with Grace Rwanda Society, Kigali Public Library, GAMA ARTS Rwanda and the local community, Esperance gathered kids from all over Kimisagara to celebrate this day which was mainly about reading, writing, sport and particularly creativity. Through such activities youth from Kimisagara came in touch with the importance and especially the joy of reading books or writing own stories. They were encouraged and inspired to read from a variety of books from the library of Esperance. Table tennis and football combined the sport in a remarkable way with the educational and creative part. As a small motivation to all young artists the chance of winning prices, books or giveaways (T-shirts, bags, pens etc.…) was given in certain competitions. The winners of a drawing and writing contest as well as all participants who have written a story got some books and other giveaways to remember this day and to maintain their interests in expressing themselves through writing or drawing. The excited kids are already looking forward to the big main-festival in September: the ‘International Literacy Day’.

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