Second ASC 46 generation at Esperance


webMuraho! Nitwa Jannik. Mfite imyaka cumi n’umunani. Ndi umudage. I was living in Germany, in a small village in the east part of Germany, near Berlin. Since the 15th August 2017, I’m volunteer at Esperance in Rwanda, Kigali. Esperance is a great organization, which is working with kids, to give them a better prospect, using sport as the medium. I really want to aid Esperance, with my experiences and knowledge.
After finishing my high school in Germany, I wanted to see a different part of the world. I’m very interested in the African culture and people, so I decided to apply for a volunteer service in Africa. I’m here in Rwanda, because of the interesting tasks at Esperance & school and the beautiful country.
I’d like to collect as much experiences as possible, to see many places in East Africa and to assist the school and Esperance. In Germany I’m referee in football since 2012. It enables a different view on football and it’s a good for self-confidence and assertiveness. Germany has twelve divisions and my goal is to become a referee in the fourth division and to be referee in the second division in Rwanda. I’m also interested in playing football, volleyball and running. After this year in Rwanda, I’d like to become a teacher for high school or a manager of health care.


Nitwa Hanna, ndi umudagekazi. Mfite imyaka cumi n’icyenda. Ndi umuvolontere muri Esperance. Ntuye ku Kimisagara.
I have lived here in Kigali since August 2017 and I am eager to improve my Kinyarwanda skills. Until August 2018 Rwanda will be my new home.
I decided to do a voluntary service in an African country to experience the African way of living and thinking and to give Rwandese the chance to learn more about German culture. I am glad that my sending organization chose Rwanda as the partner land. The motto of the ASC 46 is “Sport has the power to change the world.” – by Nelson Mandela. I believe that Esperance is the perfect NGO to represent this motto. The idea to teach children values like fair play, peace and important life skills through football, a game which is loved by almost every child, seems to be the best way. Therefore, I am very happy to be part of the Esperance family now.
In Germany, I just finished High School and did a sport called vaulting. It is like gymnastics on a horse in a team consisting of 10 people. Therefore, I can tell from firsthand experience that through doing sports in a team you develop a special sensibility for how to treat each other.

During my first few weeks living in Kimisagara I have already experienced a lot and I even feel like my way of seeing the world has changed. Moreover, I am convinced that both sides profit from this cultural exchange. While I can give Rwandese people the chance to learn more about Germany and our way of living, I have the unique possibility to gain experiences that might widen my own horizon.

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