Kimisagara Youth League Season 2018

The Kimisagara Youth League Season 2018 started on Saturday 3rd March 2018 at Kimisagara Youth Center. Because of too much rain, the Saturday games of Esperance F.C. vs Gitikinyoni F.C. and Snipers More »



On Thursday 18th January 2018, the project YOUTH DEVELOPMENT THROUGH FOOTBALL was concluded by an event at Kimisagara Football for Hope Center. Supported by 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP LEGACY TRUST Legacy Trust, More »

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Esperance FC, the junior team of the organization, plays the National  Football Second League championship since last November 2017. Playing in Poule A, Esperance FC is on the 9th place with 12 More »


Second ASC 46 generation at Esperance

Muraho! Nitwa Jannik. Mfite imyaka cumi n’umunani. Ndi umudage. I was living in Germany, in a small village in the east part of Germany, near Berlin. Since the 15th August 2017, I’m More »


The Kimisagara Youth League

Organized by Esperance and Philipp Schoenlaub, The Kimisagara Youth League is an U16 Championship with 8 Teams. It is the first attempt to start a Youth League in Kigali. The main objective More »

Streetfootballworld East Africa Festival


Playing for Peace!

From the 4 – 10th of December Esperance will host teams from all streetfootballworld network members in the region, organizations from across Rwanda and local communities. Over 250 children, boys and girls aged 10 – 15, mainly coming from disadvantaged communities in Rwanda, as well as from Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Burundi and South Sudan will participate in this great event! It runs under the theme ‘Playing for Peace’

The fun and educational festival program will contribute to various life changing outcomes, such as:
• Increase in non violent conflict-resolution skills
• Promotion of peace values through football
• Improvement of intercultural understanding and
• Increase of awareness on WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) knowledge

Everybody is warmly invited!

Street Book Carnival Season 3


Celebrating International Literacy day on 8th September 2016, the attention calling activity started 9th – 30th September 2016 during Literacy for self reliance; Esperance together with Grace Rwanda Society organized a “Street Book Carnival Season 3.

The over welcomed pedestrians near to the community, schools and universities all badly wanted to know what was inside the books given out by Esperance and Grace Rwanda.  And finally the week ended at Free Zone. Even though other Ngos, institutions and publishing companies were selling their books with success involvement, street book carnival season 3 was the choice of the pupils, students, elders, in fact all ages as they wondered how generous Esperance and Grace Rwanda were to give out free books. This was another kind easy way to get library nearly to them. Surprisingly, everyone wanted to have our books.
The main purpose of this event was to encourage youth to read and change their reading habits. In three provinces with the intent to ignite and inspire Rwandans to read and write during the National Literacy Month: September, aiming the national theme:

Beyond School Wall: Promoting Reading in Homes and Communities.

Street Book Carnival events is about encouraging schools, universities and local community members to engage in the reading and writing culture, as the source of knowledge, expression and development.

The initial Street Book Carnival’s is mandate to provide annual national framework events for strategic and systematic growth of literacy outreach events involving all literacy stakeholders, private and public sectors, by promoting literacy alongside other causes and initiatives for literacy for personal advancement in life, society, culture and in economic and social development.

During literacy month of 2016, we were anticipating the participation of publishers, writers and other literacy stakeholders and various sponsors, together, we could continue to encourage the reading and writing culture in Rwanda.


Here are some methodologies to be used during this project:

1. Authors’ / Publisher (Readers & Writers)
Participants read and share their writing capabilities through open reading and writing sessions in Reading Tents.

2. Book Swap
Collect and trade books from participants allowing them to exchange and share books with other readers.

3. Literacy Reading Games
Participants join in spelling and writing competitions, i.e., Spelling Bees and reading comprehension games.

4. Storytelling / Puppets Presenters
Participants will enjoy learning from narrated stories and visual puppet literacy actions and presentations by professionals.

5. Sport Games & Entertainment through Participation
Table tennis, skating, and soccer games for Districts’ outreach and music
Entertainment to attract the general public, mostly youth, for literacy promotion.


Youth centers and local community involvement was crucial for the success of these Street Book Carnival Season 3 to Kayonza youth center, Muhanga youth center, Rwamagana youth center and City of Kigali and Communities local partners, in promoting literacy benefiting from these outreached events as we reach their young peoples.

At the source. Some outcomes included:

1. Celebration of National Literacy Month in three provinces enhancing reading culture to participants/guests from Minespoc, Districts education secretary, Youth centers coordinator, teachers of students and parents.
2. Young peoples’ academic realization through reading resources shared.
3. Network between partners through collaboration and sharing resources to the field.
4. Youth students increasing awareness about the concept of literacy level.
5. Boosted interest and love for reading, especially for younger generation.
6. Outreached and advocacy for community libraries through sharing reading resources.
7. Given out free four thousand and five hundred cartoon’s book ( Ni akumiro) and ninety two cartoon’s book ( Ese teta arumvira ) donated by Esperance.
8. And Grance Rwanda has gave out three thousand different books, fifty dictionaries, note books, pens, pencils, erase, sport equipments all for free to the participants.

1. Lack of financial support to the events.
2. Lack of the presence of parent the literacy movements.
3. Government incorporated.
4. Short time of mentoring the participants.

Kick off Children Rights World Cup, Kigali-Rwanda


Eight teams, 80 players, around 50 spectators, all attended the official opening of Football Learning Global Children Rights World Cup at Kimisagara Football for Hope Center which started normally last Monday 6th June and went on Tuesday 7th June, organized and hosted by Esperance. A workshop on children rights opened the world cup and the children were given time to recognize their rights and to get some information related to the theme of the tournament. Parents present at the event were impressed by the participation of their children to the ideas exchange.  The parents also expressed their opinions and talked to the children. The children said that they would like to have their rights to do sports, to have good food, to be with their parents, to get good education, etc. After the workshop, the teams were built and it was not easy as the children wanted to play for Brazil, Rwanda or Germany as most known countries in the tournament and because Germany and Brazil are famous in football. The tournament started with much excitement of the children to represent different countries even they get some fans from the audience and from other teams. During the whole World Cup, each team members will have to know and understand more they can about the country they represent, like the language, the location, and the population and how is the situation of the children. Here follows the results of weekly games of the tournament:

1ST Place: RWANDA 34 = 42

2nd Place: GERMANY 34 = 41

3rd place: CAMBODIA – CHILE – ISRAEL PALESTINA  28 42 42 = 34 48 48 =

6th place: BRAZIL – PARAGUAY   26  34 = 29 37

8th place: KENYA   17 =  18

Different Pitches, Different Possibilities: Football and Peacebuilding in Post-Genocide Rwanda


Do you want to understand more how Football is not just a game but a learning process, enjoy reading this great work done by Will Smith for his Msc Dissertation on Football and Peace building.

“We don’t want a Genocide to happen again” say the youth


“this is unbelievable. How can a grown up man, educated, raised by parents and living with others, kill a 2 years old baby?. Not everything we are told to do has to be so, was it stupidity that people changed so fast and killed their friends and families? or were there other benefits?. those who deny the Genocide against Tutsis in 1994 and those with Genocide ideology should open theirs eyes and refresh their mind because we do not want the Genocide to happen again. ” said youth from Esperance and from Root Foundation after visiting the Kigali Genocide Memorial Site on Friday 15th April. Both Esperance and Root Foundation run youth centers for social inclusion and sustainable development. On Saturday 16th April, Esperance welcomed youth from Root Foundation at Kimisagara Football for Hope Center where the exchanged was on the role of youth in fighting against Genocide ideology. Thanks to the Office of Jumelage Rhenanie Palatina in Kigali for their support to the event through German vuolunteers (Jonas and Nils) great work.