Kimisagara Youth League Season 2018

The Kimisagara Youth League Season 2018 started on Saturday 3rd March 2018 at Kimisagara Youth Center. Because of too much rain, the Saturday games of Esperance F.C. vs Gitikinyoni F.C. and Snipers More »



On Thursday 18th January 2018, the project YOUTH DEVELOPMENT THROUGH FOOTBALL was concluded by an event at Kimisagara Football for Hope Center. Supported by 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP LEGACY TRUST Legacy Trust, More »

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Esperance FC, the junior team of the organization, plays the National  Football Second League championship since last November 2017. Playing in Poule A, Esperance FC is on the 9th place with 12 More »


Second ASC 46 generation at Esperance

Muraho! Nitwa Jannik. Mfite imyaka cumi n’umunani. Ndi umudage. I was living in Germany, in a small village in the east part of Germany, near Berlin. Since the 15th August 2017, I’m More »


The Kimisagara Youth League

Organized by Esperance and Philipp Schoenlaub, The Kimisagara Youth League is an U16 Championship with 8 Teams. It is the first attempt to start a Youth League in Kigali. The main objective More »

Street book Carnival season 4

book carnaval4

book carnaval4In preparation for the ‘International Literacy Day’ Esperance hosted a creative pre-festival on the 17th of June at the Kimisagara Football for Hope Center. Together with Grace Rwanda Society, Kigali Public Library, GAMA ARTS Rwanda and the local community, Esperance gathered kids from all over Kimisagara to celebrate this day which was mainly about reading, writing, sport and particularly creativity. Through such activities youth from Kimisagara came in touch with the importance and especially the joy of reading books or writing own stories. They were encouraged and inspired to read from a variety of books from the library of Esperance. Table tennis and football combined the sport in a remarkable way with the educational and creative part. As a small motivation to all young artists the chance of winning prices, books or giveaways (T-shirts, bags, pens etc.…) was given in certain competitions. The winners of a drawing and writing contest as well as all participants who have written a story got some books and other giveaways to remember this day and to maintain their interests in expressing themselves through writing or drawing. The excited kids are already looking forward to the big main-festival in September: the ‘International Literacy Day’.

Esperanza Newspaper june 2017

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esperanza June 20171 copyesperanza June 2017


esperanza June 2017

Successful Root-Tournament


web“Football for everybody” was the moto of 20 children from Esperance on the way to the first U17 Root-Tournament, which took place on the 13th of May at Green Hills Academy. 9 teams and about 100 children were gathered to take part in two different competitions. Of course, our girls- and boys team had the winning mentality in their minds as well, but the tournament was mainly about children with diverse backgrounds playing against each other as fair sportsmen and -women. So, beside the two trophies for each gender, ‘fairplay’ would have been rewarded by a fair play-price. In the first match, our girls started a bit reluctant. 0:1 against a lucky team of Gisozi was the result of insufficient communication, but we kept on being optimistic. A draw against the team players of Green Hills Academy was the first point for our team. We got more and more into the match and so we won the last game with 2:0 against Root-Foundation. Unfortunately, we had a worse goal-difference, for what we did not reach the final. Our boys have started their competition with the first match against a strong team from G.S. Gisozi. 0:0 was a fair draw and the players could get a feeling for the pitch and the very small goals. 2 victories against Dream Team (5:0) and Root-Foundation (1:0) gave us a good basis to go for the last match against the boys from Green Hills Academy. The plan was not to lose, because either a victory or a draw would have been enough to win the title. Fortunately, the referee did not accept a wrong goal for Green Hills Academy. With lots of pressure and many chances against a very strong defending team of one of the best schools in Kigali our Esperance boys could reach a draw and in the end, win the trophy of the Root-Tournament. Green Hills Academy won the trophy of the girls’ competition and the fairplay award went to the girls of Gisozi. A very exciting and hot day was successfully finished by our motivated and celebrating players.

Running, Jumping, Throwing


Faster, higher, further was the topic of Esperance’s first “Athletics Day”. Over 130 children from all over Nyarugenge District were gathered to celebrate this sports-day together at the “Kimisagara Football For Hope Center”. After a short briefing and a collective-warm-up the 6 until 13 years old children started in different disciplines. Throwing a football as far as possible and jumping either high or long was part of an introduction of technical athletic disciplines here at Esperance. The short-track (50 meters) was already an opportunity to compete with friends and to see who is the fastest. Moreover, it was a possibility to qualify for the highlight: a straight relay. 5 teams with 4 runners have competed in two semi-finals before everybody celebrated the winning teams in the final race. After the sports-part a little lunch and some juice was served to everybody, which was really appreciated. We’re looking forward to organize the next “Athletics Day” that will give older children the chance to try out athletic disciplines as well.

International Project 2016: Streetfootball and Children’s Rights


Streetfootball and Children’s rights, that was the common project of the internationale learning collaboration of Espérance (Rwanda) and its partners Formaçao (Brazil), Chigol (Chile), Centro para el desarollo de la inteligencia (CDI) and Paí Pukú (Paraguay), Peres Center for Peace (Israel and Palestine), Hodi (Kenya), SALT Academy/Mighty Girls (Cambodia) and KICKFAIR (Germany). Based on the international symposium 2015 in Stuttgart and the jointly developed action guide translated into 4 languages, 27 events and hundreds of workshops about street football and children’s rights took place in all participating countries during 2016. All events were connected through the jointly developed action guide, which was produced in German and translated into English, Spanish, and Portuguese, with the support of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior. With the help of this guide, participants experienced the global dimension of the project while also discussing the local significance of children’s rights. What are the rights of the child? How are they implemented at home and in other parts of the world? What do they have to do with street football? Youngsters dealt worldwide with these and further topics.Youth Leader from all the partner organizations were actively involved in the planning and organization. A selection of Youth Leader had the opportunity for work stays in some of the organizations supported the realization of the common project.

Participants regularly posted their activities on Facebook, therefore identifying and creating connections to the shared project over many months. The focus always remained on the shared global table and the collection of match points on the way to the top. During the streefootball events, all participating teams played in the “national jerseys” of one of the participating countries – which one was decided by lot. The points gained for this country payed into the common global table. This allowed the youngsters to follow their teams and their position in the global table until December 2016. The global table was beside the action guide another linking element of the Streetfootball and Children’s rights World Cup. The Children’s Rights World Cup kicked off in March 2016 in Cambodia and toured around the world before ending shortly before Christmas in northern Brazil. In the end, Chile has earned the title of 2016 champion!

Over the course of the year, all partners integrated the common contents and concepts into their daily work on the ground: street football and children’s rights – the topic continues.

PDF-Preview of the manual „Streetfootball and Children’s Rights“


Basic Module:

01 Children’s Rights

02 Experience Children’s Rights through Football

03 FLG-Games from around the world

04 Promoting Critical Thinking


Creative Module:

05 Hip Hop

06 I have a Dream

07 Football Forum Theatre

08 Creative Corner

09 Photography

10 Our FLG Children’s Rights World Cup












Football-Learning-Global“-Partner organizations:

  • Formaçao, Brazil
  • Chigol, Chile
  • Paí Púku und Centro para el desarollo de la inteligencia, Paraguay
  • SALT Academy und Mighty Girls, Cambodia
  • Peres Center for Peace, Israel
  • Espérance, Rwanda
  • Hodi, Kenya


  • The international dimension of the project is supported by the Federal Ministry of the Interior from federal founds to promote international sport projects and conferences.