Gender based violence alleviation program:

Esperance‘s approach to fight GBV is to raise awareness in the local community. The debate method provides a wide space for expressing ideas and concerns that can provide long term solutions.

Talent Development Programs:

Football is and has always been the common denominator for all our activities. The talent development program aims to provide skilled football training for the local kids implemented by qualified coaches.

“Wash Your Hands”- Methodology:

“Wash Your Hands” is a campaign initiated by the NGO Wash United works to end the global sanitation and hygiene crisis. The workshops will be conducted by our volunteers in local partner schools to change attitudes and behaviors on these neglected issues like protozoa bacteria.

Fighting the Drug Abuse behavior:

Drug abuse has been rampant among Rwandan youth and is one of the main causes of domestic violence. Statistics indicate that more than half the youth use drug substances on a regular basis. Different initiatives and joint actions will be organized with partners against drug abuse in schools and the community.

“Youth Friendly Services”:

Esperance wants to provide services that are accessible and appropriate for adolescents. These programs have been in place for a long time and are constantly improved to be more effective and affordable. We try to meet the individual needs of young people, who in return recommend these services to friends and the local youth.