DSC_7770_editedThe centre in Kimisagara offers opportunities for between 150-200 children in the suburban district to take part in programmes and courses, participate in theatre and, importantly, play football. The club has a team in Rwanda’s second division and have already provided two players who have gone onto to represent the country’s national team. The new-built centre is located within the heart of the Kimisagara valley; the most densely populated, disadvantaged area in central Kigali with few opportunities for young people and alarming school dropout rates. The site, located within a local primary school’s ground is situated adjacent to a canal and seasonal wetland prone to flooding.

The design concept of the centre was to build a half sized football pitch and community centre with changing rooms, educational spaces and a multifunctional gathering space. The orientation of the pitch along the existing school, and a desire to activate the pedestrian way long the water course leads to the dynamic plan form of the project. Due to the steep hills, densely developed, rising in every direction from the site is easily seen giving
the roof a prominent role as the fifth facade and identity to Esperance’s
social space in the community. The informal route along the banks of
the canal connects the centre with existing public facilities and the Maison des Jeunes Kimisagara