Mission & Vision

The organisation was formerly located in the Kimisagara Youth Ones Stop Employment & Productive Centre and now resides in the recently opened Kimisagara Football for Hope Centre. The location is right next to the old centre, where it can easily reach a large number of young people and can utilize its own FIFA training pitch. The objectives of Esperance are focused on the idea of using a football as a tool to change the Rwandan society, and the society of the Great Lakes Region. The Sport Development in Esperance is based on its philosophy, to transmit a message, to recognize and promote talented players, and to support them in their development using social and educational tools. Esperance has administ313033_505444619469156_1624584878_nered a variety of football-based programmes in Rwanda since 2001, and operates in an environment of post-conflict trauma and social disadvantage. In the densely opulated and underserved community of Kimisagara in central Kigali, unemployment is an additional growing challenge and the majority of citizens survive on less than a dollar a day. The community also faces