INTWARI theatre group

The INTWARI theatre was founded by Esperance long-time member and writer Marcel Muhire who wanted to introduce theatre culture to the youth of Kimisagara while incorporating plays that deal with issues that concern the Rwandan society. As it is one of Esperance’s aims to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS among young people and to inform about good behavior, a theatre
project was prepared last year in cooperation with the partnership Jumelage Rhénanie-Palatinat / Rwanda. The performances were organized to celebrate 30 years of partnership and cooperation between the German state of Rhénanie-Palatinat and Rwanda. About 20 volunteers of EsperanceBild2 formed a theatre group headed by Marcel Muhire who also wrote the accompanying texts in Kinyarwanda for the actors. The performances started at Groupe Scolaire Saint Aloys in Rwamagana and were consequently shown at 19 different partner schools of the Rheinland-Pfalz-Jumelage in the whole country. Arriving at a school, the actors talked to some students to get to know their daily life as well as certain conflicts that exist in their school environment.

Additionally, the volunteers put on the local school uniform and implemented the information they received from the students as well as the names of their teachers in the performance to make it appear more relatable. On stage, cases of alcohol and drug abuse, prostitution and bad behavior were shown. The actors also presented the consequences of their actions like pregnancy and failure at school. Another topic was the spreading of genocide ideology within discrimination on alleged ethnic differences. Because of the educative methodology of participative theater, the spectators were also involved in the play. Girls and boys of the local schools were asked to come on the stage, to discuss the particular issues with the actors and to give them practical advice about good behavior and peaceful conflict resolution. All the pupils seemed to be eagerly interested in the presented situationsand therefore showed emotional reactions.

The INTWARI group also collaborated with Transparency International Rwanda in 2012. Togehter with the Anti-corruption Justice Information Clubs (AJICS), Transparency International Rwanda organized several activities of mobilization and sensibilization at sector and district level between the 3rd and the 9th December 2012. This annual event known as the “Anti-Corruption Week” with the theme ‘’Stop corruption, you have a choice’’ took place in the districts of Gatsibo, Ngororero, Nyaruguru and Gakenke.

At all outreach activities, members of the Transparency International Staff participated together with the theatre youth group INTWARI of Esperance. The group played sketches about corruption related subjects to engage the communities in the fight against corruption. These sketches are usually used by Transparency International Rwanda to engage the civil society in the fight against corruption and other related injustices.