“I never listened or respected anyone”, Jimmy IRANSUBIJE


Date of birth: 22.04.1997
1. Which schools did you attend? Kimisagara school; Kabusunzu school
2. What do you like most?
Foot, especially French Fries and mashed corn!
3. What don´t you like?
Fighting, because it is not good. I know that, because I used to fight with other kids, when I was 12.
4. Who is your football idol?
Vincent Kompany, because I like his style of playing, for example how he stands on the pitch and also, how he manages to control the balls coming from the air.
5. Who is your idol in General?
My idol is his excellence Paul Kagame, our president, because I like the way, he is governing our country and also, he manages, that Rwanda is and stays a peaceful and friendly country.
6. What is the most incredible thing, that always stays in your mind until now?
When I was young, I was carrying a tea pot with boiled water. I fell and the biled water reached my skin and my skin was burned. I still have marks today.
7. Since when do you attend Esperance´s programs?
I got to know Esperance in 2008
8. How did you get to know Esperance?
Esperance used to play some football tournaments in Kimisagara Youth Center and I was always around to watch the games. Then I liked the way, the players were behaving as a team and I wanted to be part of it.
9. What did you learn from Esperance up to now?
I learned to live with the people in a society, no matter of what background they are.
10. Which support are you gaining right now?
Playing in the league, being known as a football player, making friends and practicing skills, I learn trough our football practice.
11. Where would you like to be supported even more?
So, I would like to get enough materials like football cleats, jersey, socks, shinguards and some other stuff.
12. What do other kids from Esperance benefit from?
They really learn anything, that has something to do with behaviour-change.
13. How did you change yourself? I never listened or respected anyone, who was talking to me, but now, I respect every person and their opinion and besides that, I also changed physically due to the professional football training by Esperance.
14. What other examples on behaviour-change from other players did you recognize?
Some kids were always using bad expressions, but not anymore. Others also used to participate in some robbery or stealing in their neighbourhood. And again, some others are becoming very serious concerning school.
15. What is your message to kids, who come to Esperance?
They should definitely stay with Esperance, because Esperance will help them to live in our society, to change behaviours and ways of thinking and last, but not least, we players of Esperance owe the victory of championship to Esperance.
16. What is your message to Youth in General in Rwanda?
Young people should work together, collaborate, respect each other for a better future and if possible, they should come to Esperance.
17. What would you like to say to Esperance´s staff?
Keep going on with these activities and programs, which help many people, especially young people.
18. Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I will be 28 years olds and I wish to have a good life, to live happily and peacefully in my community and if possible, I would like to have 15.000.000 RWF, which are supposed to help me taking care of my family and also to help other people, who are in need.

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