Finally! The holidays


FINALLY! The holidays activities have started at Esperance!
Esperance has organized multiple events for the children, who will last throughout the holidays.
The school year 2015 has ended and all the final exams are finished.
Esperance invites every boy and girl around Kimisagara Football for Hope Center to come to Esperance and attend the championships and the workshops. But all kids from Kigali are welcome to participate in all workshops.
During the holidays, Esperance organizes a football championship, a Mini-football championship and a table-tennis competition. Also, we offer traditional art workshops and some health care workshops for the kids, who want to attend the program. Additionally, the children have the opportunity to attend English course lessons during holidays in order to improve their language skills.
At the end of the holidays, we have planned a big celebration festival of 2015 in order to finish the year with such a great event.
Everyone is invited to come and we are truly happy to see new faces!

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