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dsc09135“You have to stay home, you have to wear the mask, do not touch or approach another person, avoid public places, do individual sports, check your immune system, get vaccinated, do quick test” all of these because of Covid19. Sports programs got disturbed a lot and even stopped for some months. Nowadays, different services and programs resume. Youth from Kimisagara and from Kigali are enjoying again moments together at Kimisagara Football for Hope Center. From 5 to 21 years old, girls and boys rejoin sports programs and training sessions. Life at the pitch comes back with determination, smile, energy, social interaction and mutual learning. ESPERANCE women football team is born, thanks to Mr Norbert Neuser and Kick for Help from Germany. Not only football carrier is developing, but also peace building, conflict resolution and reproductive health give youth a hope to a better future and our gratitude goes to all of you who support our youth to make their dreams come true.