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DSC01300 DSC01302 DSC01312 DSC01264 DSC01322 IMG_5732Irushanwa rya Kimisagara Youth League Season 2018 ryasojwe ku mugaragaro mu Kigo cya Kimisagara Football for Hope, ku mashuri ya Kimisagara, ku cyumweru 08/07/2018 guhera isaa munani z’amanywa aho amakipe yaryitabiriye yahawe ibihembo. Ikipe yaryegukanye ikaba ari 20 Stars ibarizwa mu kigo cy’urubyiruko cya Kimisagara ikaba yaregukanye igikombe, Umupira wo gukina, amakabutura 20, imipira yayo 20 n’amasogisi 20 byo gukinana. Ikipe ya kabiri yabaye Esperance F.C, yahawe umupira wo gukina na gants z’umuzamu. Ikipe ya gatatu yabaye Hirwa T.C yahembwe amakabutura 18 n’imipira yayo 18 bo gukinana. Ikipe ya kane ni Gitikinyoni F.C yahawe chasibles 14 nshya za Adidas, naho ikipe ya 5 (Comejoga F.C), iya 6 (Green Stars F.A) n’iya 7 (Snipers FC) zanganyije ibihembo aho buri imwe yahawe amakona 12. Ikipe ya 8 (Etoile du Rwanda) ari nayo ya nyuma yahawe chasibles 13. Buri kipe kandi yahawe certificat yemeza ko yitabiriye irushanwa. Abakinnyi bigaragaje kurusha abandi nabo bakaba barahawe ibihembo ndetse n’ikipe yagaragaje imyitwarire myiza ikaba yarabaye Comejoga yahawe umupira wo gukina nk’ishimwe. Hakaba hari gutegurwa n’irindi rushanwa nkaryo mu gihe kizaza. Ku bahawe ijambo bose muri uwo muhango, bose bagarutse ku byiza byaranze irushanwa ariko bananenga bimwe. Ibyiza byo ni byinshi naho ku byanenzwe bizakosorwa mu irushanwa ritaha harimo kwirinda kubeshya imyaka ku bakinnyi. Abatoza barasabwa gushishoza no kuvugisha ukuri ku myaka abakinnyi babo bafite. Ikindi ni ukubahiriza igihe. Abahawe ijambo kandi bashimiye uwatangije irushanwa Philipp Schonlaub wasubiye iwabo mu Budage ariko agakomeza gukurikiranira irushanwa hafi, abateye inkunga irushanwa barimo abavolontere b’abadage bakora muri Esperance Jannik Skorna na Anna Stolle bazasubira iwabo vuba bagasimburwa n’abandi, ibigo byo mu Budage, ubuyobozi bwa Esperance n’abitabiriye irushanwa bose. Muze dufashe urubyiruko kumenya no kugaragaza impano rufite.

The closing ceremonies of the Kimisagara Youth League Seaon 2018 took place at Kimisagara Football for Hope Center, at Groupe Scolaire Kimisagara, on Sunday 08/07/2018 at 2pm. The teams which participated to the league received their awards. The champion team, 20 Stars from Maison des Jeunes Kimisagara received the trophy, a ball, 20 football shirts, 20 football shorts and 20 pairs of socks. The second team was Esperance F.C, they got a ball and groves for goalkeepers. The third team was Hirwa T.C and they got 18 football shirts, 18 football shorts. The forth team was Gitikinyoni F.C, they got 14 new bibs from Adidas. The 5th team (Comejoga F.C), the 6th (Green Stars F.A) and the 7th (Snipers FC) got same price, 12 corners each and the last team Etoile du Rwanda received 13 chasubles. All the teams got also a certificate of participation to the league. The best players of the whole league received their awards as well as the best team in discipline which has been Comejoga and got a ball. The next season of the youth league is being planned. People who held speeches talked about success, challenges and what to improve for the next season. There have been lots of success but two important things have to be improved. Punctuality and age cheating. The coaches and players should respect the age requested to participate to the league and also to be on time, in terms of preparations, organization and presence at the pitch. We all thank Philipp Schonlaub, the founder of Kimisagara Youth League, Jannik Skorna and Hanna Stolle volunteers at Esperance, individuals and institutions from Germany for their financial and material support, Esperance members and all participants to the league. Let us help the youth to get to know their talent and to show it.

A message from Philipp who initiated The Kimisagara Youth League:

league web phil
league web philHello everybody, The Kimisagara Youth League which I have started last year in June has now its second season! The first match days have already been played.
For everyone who doesn’t know the Kimisagara Youth League: It is an U17 youth league which is organized by the Rwandan NGO Esperance in cooperation with German volunteers. 8 Teams from Kimisagara and its neighboring sectors are playing against each other over a period of 3 months.
With the youth league, we want to give Rwandan youth the opportunity to play football on a regular basis and on a competitive level. Though Rwanda has many young talented players and so many youth teams, there is no one who organizes a youth league. The only competitive matches most teams play are very irregular friendly matches.
Our goal therefore is, to establish a youth league in Kigali as a whole by instructing small youth leagues with the example of the Kimisagara Youth League in Kigali’s different sectors. Within the next ten years we want to have youth league structures in Kigali’s three Districts: Nyarugenge, Gasabo and Kicukiro. Those three youth league systems will together form the major Kigali Youth League.
Because many Rwandan teams lack of training materials as jerseys, cones, footballs, bibs, etc. prizes in form of football and training materials are given to the participating teams after each Season. This equipment of youth teams with good materials should improve their training.
Great thanks go to FC Energie Cottbus, the German Embassy Kigali, Ingo Dansberg, the Spremberger SV 1862, BSG Traktor Leuthen e.V., FuPa Brandenburg and the Fußball-Landesverband Brandenburg who support this project by donating football equipment.
As Rwandan youth is given the opportunity to show their skills and improve their talents within a competition and at the same time Rwandan Premier division and Second division teams are given a platform for talent detection, this project of a youth league system in Kigali is an improvement for Rwandan Football as a whole.
As we have a stable Kimisagara Youth League, we are getting in contact with potential partners, like the Rwandan Football Federation FERWAFA to support us by establishing a youth league structure in Kigali.
Lately, we have been in different Rwandan Newspapers, Radios and Televisions. Below there are some of the links. Check them out. They are in Kinyarwanda though.
89.7 Contact FM
RuhagoYacu Ltd…/ubusabe-bwa-esperance-ku-buyobozi-b…
Thanks to Jannik Skorna, we now have a website where you can follow the news, and facebook page:kimisagara youth league.



Kimisagara Youth League Season 2018


game2 game team esperance2 cuprefeers volunteerThe Kimisagara Youth League Season 2018 started on Saturday 3rd March 2018 at Kimisagara Youth Center. Because of too much rain, the Saturday games of Esperance F.C. vs Gitikinyoni F.C. and Snipers F.C. vs Étoile du Rwanda were canceled. On Sunday 4th March 2018, Hirwa T.C. drew 2 – 2 vs 20 Stars (14:00) and Green Stars vs Comejoga F.C was postponed as well because of a prompt football match between Districts. The Kimisagara Youth League Season 2018 is organized by Esperance in collaboration with the German Volunteers Jannik Skorna and Hanna Stolle, both volunteering at Esperance. The games take place every two first weekends of a month starting in March 2018 and will end in July 2018.





DSC00369 DSC00388 DSC02084 DSC02102 DSC02107 DSC02293On Thursday 18th January 2018, the project YOUTH DEVELOPMENT THROUGH FOOTBALL DSC02116was concluded by an event at Kimisagara Football for Hope Center. Supported by 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP LEGACY TRUST Legacy Trust, since June 2017 Esperance started YOUTH DEVELOPMENT THROUGH FOOTBALL project. Four partner schools of Esperance are benefiting from the activities of the project. Those schools are Groupe Scolaire Kimisagara, Gitega Primary School, Groupe Scolaire Camp Kigali and Solid Foundation School. Schools kids from primary 4 and 5 both boys and girls play and learn social values through “FOOTBALL AMAHORO”. This method implies two mixed genders teams consisting of 8 players, 6 in the game three girls and three boys and 2 substitutes. The game lasts ten minutes. There is no referee and only girls are allowed to score. Since 2002 Esperance uses this method as a channel to educate the youth and children on given topic like HIV/AIDS, prevention, conflict resolution, gender balance etc. Apart from Football Amahoro, there are also cineduc and debate. Cineduc is an educational method using cinema and participative discussion methods to facilitate access to information about topic associated with youth development. And debate sessions brought together school kids to think, develop and argue on the topic of this project which is “CHILDREN RIGHT AND THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES” whereby we educate the school kids about their rights and responsibilities.

We strongly thank the sponsor 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP LEGACY TRUST and the partner schools for giving the chance, the opportunity and hope to youth to think on how to reach a better future.



team web

team webEsperance FC, the junior team of the organization, plays the National  Football Second League championship since last November 2017. Playing in Poule A, Esperance FC is on the 9th place with 12 points, among 12 teams.

DSC00035Esperance FC players grow up, most of them, in Esperance’s football talent detection programs. (Photos: Upper, Esperance FC. Lower, Esperance FC in white, Last, Esperance FC captain, Iransubije Jimmy).