Monthly Archives: March 2022

Ferwafa, Kick for Help and Jumelage Rhenanie palatinate/Rwanda support esperance

On Saturday, 12 March 2022, The General Secretary of Ferwafa, Muhire Henry gave football donations to Esperance, donations which he himself and the President of Ferwafa, Olivier Mugabo Nizeyimana promised to the Youth from Esperance football talent detection programs, some days ago when Ferwafa delegation accompanied Honorable Norbert Neuser, the sponsor of Esperance Women Football team at his visit to Esperance. All of these great contacts were initiated by Jumelage Rhenanie Palatinate/Rwanda. For that, Esperance Ngo has selected the 30 women to follow the trainings and workshops and play for Esperance, the national women championships in the future. The trainings and workshops increase and develop sportive skills of the players and change the people’s’ mindset. The trainers live daily life with the youth and are volunteers committed to transmit the knowledge to the rest of the group. The selected group of women learn through practical channels such as sport for development, sport for peace and football life skills.

God bless you.