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Kimisagara youth league parallel with Kabuye youth league


P1160822Hello and welcome to our annual first post about the youth leagues 2019/2020. For the first time in Esperances history we are not only organizing the Kimisagara youth league which is starting with their 4th season this year. In 2019/2020 we are also starting the first season of Kabuye Youth league.

On the 16th of November we will have an opening ceremony for the Kabuye youth league, with all the participating teams includind the Coaches and Managers.

The opening ceremony for this years Kimisagara youth league will be on the 17th of november.

On Saturday the 23rd of February 2019 both Legaues will start with the opening games. Until then we advice you to keep reading our posts to get updates about the final gameplans and important dates to know.

Since 2017, Esperance organizes the Kimisagara Youth League and for the first time the Kabuye youth league as well. Every year in collaboration with German volunteers, German institutions and german donators. This year 2019/2020, the German volunteers Maximilian and Sandro coordinate the league together with Esperance’s staff members. We would like to thank our donators (of funds and material) and advisers. Thanks to the German Embassy, the office of Jumelage Rhenanie Palatinate/Rwanda, DOSB and ASC Goettingen, Philipp Schoenlaub (the founder of the league) and to everyone involved in giving Rwandan youth the chance to develop their talents and work on their careers for a better future.

For further informations keep reading our posts. Next time we will give you an update about the final gameplans and dates.

As every year you are all invited to enjoy the games and moments of both leagues with us!