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Kimisagara Youth League 3rd Season 2019


DSC05198Hello and first of all a happy new year 2019! KIMISAGARA YOUTH LEAGUE 3rd SEASON 2019 started on Saturday 2nd February 2019. Eight teams compete for a trophy and football material as prices for the champions. Those teams are: Esperance FC, Comejoga FC, 20 Stars, Convenir, Hirwa TC, Snipers, Etoile de Kigali, Giticyinyoni. The opening game brought Esperance FC facing Gitikinyoni and the match ended draw 1 – 1. Then the results from other matches are as follow: Hirwa FC beat 4 – 0 Snipers at the second game of the day. On Sunday Etoile de Kigali won 3 – 2 Convenir and Comejoga drew 1 – 1 against 20 Stars. The next weekend, the results of the games are: Esperance 1 – 1 Comejoga, , Hirwa 1 – 1 Etoile de Kigali, Convenir 0 – 5 Snipers, Gitikinyoni 0 – 0 against 20 Stars.

DSC05326 Since 2017, together with Philipp Schonlaub a former German volunteer,Esperance organizes Kimisagara Youth League every year in collaboration with German volunteers, German institutions and German donators. This year 2019, the German volunteers Jakob and Frederic coordinate the league together with Esperance’s staff members. We would like to thank our donators (of funds and material) and advisers. Thanks to the German Embassy, the office of Jumelage Rhenanie Palatinate/Rwanda, DOSB and ASC Goettingen, Philipp Schoenlaub (the founder of the league) and to everyone involved in giving Rwandan youth the chance to develop their talents and work on their careers for a better future.

DSC05202On Saturday 2nd March 2019: 13h00: Hirwa TC 1 – 0 Gitikinyoni. 15h00:Convenir 0 – 3 Comejoga and on Sunday  3rd March 2019: 13h00: Esperance 1 – 2 vs 20 Stars. 15h00: Snipers vs Etoile de Kigali was postponed because of heavy rain. The next games are scheduled to take place this weekend: On Saturday 9th March 2019: 13h00: Snipers vs Comejoga. 15h00: Etoile de Kigali vs Esperance FC. On Sunday 10th March 2019: 13h00: Gitikinyoni vs Convenir. 15h00: Hirwa TC vs 20 Stars.

You are all invited to come and enjoy the moments with us