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DSC00369 DSC00388 DSC02084 DSC02102 DSC02107 DSC02293On Thursday 18th January 2018, the project YOUTH DEVELOPMENT THROUGH FOOTBALL DSC02116was concluded by an event at Kimisagara Football for Hope Center. Supported by 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP LEGACY TRUST Legacy Trust, since June 2017 Esperance started YOUTH DEVELOPMENT THROUGH FOOTBALL project. Four partner schools of Esperance are benefiting from the activities of the project. Those schools are Groupe Scolaire Kimisagara, Gitega Primary School, Groupe Scolaire Camp Kigali and Solid Foundation School. Schools kids from primary 4 and 5 both boys and girls play and learn social values through “FOOTBALL AMAHORO”. This method implies two mixed genders teams consisting of 8 players, 6 in the game three girls and three boys and 2 substitutes. The game lasts ten minutes. There is no referee and only girls are allowed to score. Since 2002 Esperance uses this method as a channel to educate the youth and children on given topic like HIV/AIDS, prevention, conflict resolution, gender balance etc. Apart from Football Amahoro, there are also cineduc and debate. Cineduc is an educational method using cinema and participative discussion methods to facilitate access to information about topic associated with youth development. And debate sessions brought together school kids to think, develop and argue on the topic of this project which is “CHILDREN RIGHT AND THEIR RESPONSIBILITIES” whereby we educate the school kids about their rights and responsibilities.

We strongly thank the sponsor 2010 FIFA WORLD CUP LEGACY TRUST and the partner schools for giving the chance, the opportunity and hope to youth to think on how to reach a better future.



team web

team webEsperance FC, the junior team of the organization, plays the National  Football Second League championship since last November 2017. Playing in Poule A, Esperance FC is on the 9th place with 12 points, among 12 teams.

DSC00035Esperance FC players grow up, most of them, in Esperance’s football talent detection programs. (Photos: Upper, Esperance FC. Lower, Esperance FC in white, Last, Esperance FC captain, Iransubije Jimmy).