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The Kimisagara Youth League


EsperanceOrganized by Esperance and Philipp Schoenlaub, The Kimisagara Youth League is an U16 Championship with 8 Teams. It is the first attempt to start a Youth League in Kigali. The main objective is to give children around Kimisagara the opportunity to play Football in a competitive and on a regular basis. From July to the beginning of September the Youth League has its’ 28 matches. Every Team plays against every team so that there can be seen a winner of the first Kimisagara Youth Championship in September of 2017.
Every participating Team will get a prize in terms of materials. As well as the first four teams will win additional training materials. There are challenges that we will face. Punctuality and fairness are of primary importance to make this League a successful project. Therefore, we as an organizer are strict to ensure the potential of
enlargement and improvement and to make this project sustainable.

First Match day: Results

Saturday, 29th of July

1pm :Esperance F.C. 4 – 2 Gitikinyoni F.C.

3pm :Hirwa Training Center 0 – 3 20 Stars

Second match day: Results

Monday, 31st of July

2pm :Green Star Football Academy 2 – 2 Étoile du Rwanda

4pm :  Comejoga F.C 1 – 0 Snipers F.C.

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