Monthly Archives: April 2017

Running, Jumping, Throwing


Faster, higher, further was the topic of Esperance’s first “Athletics Day”. Over 130 children from all over Nyarugenge District were gathered to celebrate this sports-day together at the “Kimisagara Football For Hope Center”. After a short briefing and a collective-warm-up the 6 until 13 years old children started in different disciplines. Throwing a football as far as possible and jumping either high or long was part of an introduction of technical athletic disciplines here at Esperance. The short-track (50 meters) was already an opportunity to compete with friends and to see who is the fastest. Moreover, it was a possibility to qualify for the highlight: a straight relay. 5 teams with 4 runners have competed in two semi-finals before everybody celebrated the winning teams in the final race. After the sports-part a little lunch and some juice was served to everybody, which was really appreciated. We’re looking forward to organize the next “Athletics Day” that will give older children the chance to try out athletic disciplines as well.