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Cineduc at Esperance


CINEDUC is one of the methods used by Esperance to improve lives of people. 15 young people have been trained in October 2015 in using CINEDUC to improve education of young generation.

What is CINEDUC? CINEDUC is an innovative educational method which uses cinema and participative
discussion methods to facilitate access to information about topics associated with development. The
method was developed as part of a project implemented by the German Development Service (DED)
and its partners in Rwanda from 2004.

The general objective of CINEDUC is to inform,
educate and raise a target group’s awareness of a
concrete social topic with a view to contributing
to improving the lives of the people in question
within their communities. CINEDUC aims to
activate both individual capacities and community
support in finding viable and suitable solutions
to social problems.

The cinema is a very powerful communication
tool both in terms of providing entertainment
and the transmission of ideas. It captures the
attention, provokes reflection and sustains the
birth or consolidation of awareness in relation to
a given topic. Therefore it constitutes a modern
and effective form of the collective transmission
of educational and moral messages.
The power of cinema over the population is enormous:
a film delivers verbal and visual messages
simultaneously, thus offering the spectator an
image that reinforces what he or she has just
learned through the language used. Hence the
message passes through two different learning
channels and the retention capacity of the transmitted
information is doubled.